Tower of Babel, Steel, 6ft x 12" x 6" x 1” acrylic. Bullet holes. 2005

Tower of Babel

  • Welded from steel, the frame hold 1" thick peices of acrylic blocks that have been shot through with a 35mm magnum gun.

    The peice was built following the World Trade center disiater, where teh twin towers were struck but inconceivable distruction.  The violence of the event is made manifest in the gun shots fired. The title of the peice, references the story of the quest for power through human effort. Genesis 11:4 similarly, the World Trade Center was targeted for being a a testimony to wealth and power. The size of the frame is human sized, so that the standing pillar reminds us of a figure.  The damage caused by the gun shots cause splintering of the acrylic, to produce angelic-like forms.  These shapes,  together with the light passing through create an ethereal image of beauty that overrides the violence and decay.  The result takes the form of a prayer that beauty and God will ultimately prevail. overcome violence and death.



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