Aluminium leaf, pigment on wood, 8ft x 8ft  2004


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  • This work was chosen and exhibited in The Florence Biennale in Florence Italy, to represent a South Artist.

    This large work on wood has a lumininous surface, but is weighty in that the scratches in  the reddish lines reassert the surface of  the material.

    The shiny surface is somewhat reflectictive and is meant to reporesent the spiritual realm.  The jagged lines ( carved into the surface of the wood and rubbed with ion oxide) represent the suffering that is inherent in the physical life we live.  The panels hang suspended on the wall and parrallel lines seem to continue upward and below.  The meaning of thsi piece is to convery the physical and emotional suffering we undergo in life, that unltimately brings the reward of redemption.



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